Gajanand Buttermilk Masala

Buttermilk, popularly known as 'CHHAAS' is a very popular appetizing drink in India. Specially during summer it is more healthier than juices and other aerated drinks.

If you have Gajanand Chhaas Masala, a flavorful roasted spice blend, in your kitchen, then making Buttermilk or Chhaas will be quick and easy. Mint, Cumin and Coriander are cooling in nature and Black Pepper, Black Salt, Dry Ginger and Asafoetida aids in digestion. Gajanand Chhaas Masala can also be used in Lemon Water, Sugarcane Juice, variety of Salada and Chaats.

How to cook recipe Package Size - 50 gm. , 100 gm.