Gajanand Methi Gota

Methi Gota are delicious pakodas made by mixing fenugreek leaves and gram flour. In Gujarat they are called Methi Gota whereas in various other states they are called Methi Pakodas. These mouth-watering Methi Gota are light, fluffy and spongy from inside and crunchy from outside.

Gajanand Methi Gota mix adds a little more to it by adding nutritional spices like pepper powder, ajwain and Hing(Asafoetida). Ajwain And Hing also helps in digestion as gram flour (made from chickpeas) is heavy to digest.

Gajanand Methi Gota, gloden brown crispy balls with a flavour of spices and fenugreek are best to be taken with fried chiili and kadhi mix (special gujarati chutney). Methi Gota tastes the best either during chilly winter or during rainy weather with a cup of hot tea.

How to cook recipe Package Size - 200 & 400 gm.