Cold Storage

In-house cold storage, which maintains the freshness and quality of the spices, Cooling temperature system is maintained from(+5 to 14) C (+41 to 55) F temperature.

Capacity: 1100 Tons.

Micro & Chemical Lab

The company has all the testing and research facilities in the well equipped laboratory to maintain the quality of the products. Testing of raw material is done as per ISO and FASSAI standards.

Cleaning Plant

Our cleaning plant is equipped with hi-tech machinery. It cleans all types of whole spices, pulses & grains etc.

Capacity: 28 Tons/Day.

Chilli Grinding

Chilli procured from the market is first sorted and then sent to the laboratory for further testing.

After approval from the laboratory, the chilli is cleaned in the cleaning plant and sent automatically for grinding process.

Capacity: 21 Tons/Day.

Coriander-Cumin Grinding

The coriander and cumin seed both undergo rigorous cleaning procedures to ensure that they are free from any fine dust particles and inert matter. Only the best quality seed is sent for further grinding so that the final product is pure and of very high quality. We also have special grinding machines for production of curry powder and to convert other products into powder form.

Capacity: 10 Tons/Day.

Instant mix & Cold Pedal Blender

The flour mixture is used to mix all raw materials in proper way. During heating and cold process it removes moisture and bacteria.

Capacity: 10 Tons/Day.

Fumigation ETO/MBR

We utilize the latest Fumigation equipment which uses Ethylene Oxide Gas for the sterilization process. This is to ensure that the products are free from salmonella, E-coli, Yeast, Moulds, etc. and also to reduce the Microbiological Counts to acceptable levels.

Fumigation helps to achieve better shelf life to the product as per international requirements.

Capacity: 18 Tons/Day.


Packing is done soon after the product is taken out of the fumigation chamber to ensure the contact of the product with atmospheric impurities is minimized. The packing of the products is either done by automatic packing machine or manually, depending on the characteristics of the product.