Gajanand Hing (Asafoetida)

Hing mainly originates from Iran and Afghanistan, which has a fetid smell but in cooked dishes it delivers a smooth flavour. This spice is used as a digestive aid in food and as a condiment in pickle.

Asafoetida is a standard component of Indian cuisine, mainly in lentil curries and in numerous vegetables. It is also used in the preparation of some snacks.

Hing G-10 :- Package Size - 1 kg. Hing G-9 :- Package Size - 50 gm. , 100 gm. , 200 gm. , 500 gm. , 1 kg. Hing G-1 :- Package Size -SS Glass Pack 100 gm. Strong Hing :- Package Size -25gm. , 50gm. , 100gm. , 200gm.