Gajanand Shahi Biriyani-Pulav Masala

Shahi Biryani-Pulav Masala is a special blend of very rich aromatic and flavoured spices. The origin of this blend is said to be from the Mughal Era.

Nowadays, Hyderabadi Biryanis has a very unique taste and is said to be the birth place of this recipe. This Spice blend is used as a flavourant to prepare different rice dishes like Biryani(veg & non-veg), Pulav (peas, vegetable, etc.).

This variety of rice dishes can be served with curry and raita. This Shahi masala can also be used to prepare curries, veg. Dishes, soups or stews towards the end of cooking or sprinkled over just before serving.

How to cook recipe Package Size - 50 gm. , 100 gm.