Gajanand Surti Undhiya Masala

Undhiya is a classic Gujarati preparation of mix vegetables like small brinjals, baby potatoes, sweet potatoes, papdi (Flat green beans), suran (yam), Fresh tuvar peas, etc., and fenugreek dumplings cooked in an aromatic blend of spices. A traditional recipe having its own taste due to different ways of preparations in different part of Gujarat, but the most famous is the Surti Undhiyu. Undhiyu is mostly prepared during winter season as some vegetables are available only in winter. All the Gujaratis on the day of Uttrayan love to eat Undhiyu & Jalebi. Also, Surti Undhiyu is a variant served with Puri at many wedding occasions. Undhiyu with Puri & Shrikhand is often eaten in Gujarati Houses during the Winter.

Gajanand Undhiyu masala is an authentic blend of rich and aromatic spices that enhance the flavor of Undhiya. You can win the heart of any Gujarati when you serve Puri, Jalebi and Undhiyu made by Gajanand Surti Undhiya Masala.

How to cook recipe Package Size - 50 gm. , 100 gm.