Gajanand Dry Mango Powder

Amchur powder or dried mango powder is a spice made by grinding dried mangoes. The powder preserves the acidic, tart and spicy flavour of unripe mangoes.

Amchur powder is commonly used for flavouring curries, chutneys, soups and marinades. It is a souring agent like tamarind and has a tendering quality like lime juice. It can be used instead of tamarind to prepare sweet-sour dal or sambhar and tangy flavoured snacks. It can also be used to add flavour to kebabs and barbecued items, dishes like Dum Aloo and Biryani.

Amchur powder fights acidity and improves digestion. It is fair source of Vitamin A and E, which help to strengthen the heart and acquire a glowing skin.

Package Size - 50 gm, 100gm