Gajanand Curcuveda

Gajanand Curcuveda, a new offering in spice is rich in medicinal properties as described in Ancient Ayurveda. Curvuveda defines “Curcumin” a volatile oil present in the turmeric that is used for making medicines and is considered as an important substance for many critical diseases and “Veda” an ancient scriptures that describes ayurvedic benefits and uses of Turmeric. Gajanand Curcuveda Turmeric Powder is an effective combination of Waigaon & Selam Turmeric Powder which contains high percentages of curcumin and are an effective combination that work as disease resistance, prepared by our specialized experts after intensive research and development.

As approved by many doctors and scientists all over the world, Curcumin is good for health and Gajaand Curcuveda Turmeric Powder contains high percentages of Curcumin. Gajanand Curcuveda can be used to enhance the taste and colour of any recipe and also can be used as a medicine for treating diseases like colds, cough, indigestion, diabetes, allergies, skin disorders, cancer, along with increasing taste and aroma in food, as well as in cosmetics. It is also used as a symbol of purity for skin whitening and in auspicious events.

Package Size - 500gm