Gajanand Khichu Mix

Khichu is a dough for making Papad, however owing to its taste it is a simple, easy to make, spicy, delicious and healthy Gujarati Snack Food. It is often served with Oil and Spicy Pickle Masala. The Snack prepared by cooking flour in water like porridge with cumin seeds and alkaline salt/papad Khar. Papad made from this dough are known as Khichiya Papad.

Gajanand Khichu Mix is a perfect blend to make your snack yummy. You can just add some green chili & ginger paste to this mix to make it tastier. Khichu is often eaten during monsoon but Gajanand Khichu Mix can be eaten throughout the year.

How to cook recipe Package Size - 15/-Rs., 200gm.