Gajanand Rice Papad

Make your snack time worthwhile with Gapata Sapata Rice Papad. It’s easy to make, fun to munch on and makes a great accompaniment to your everyday meals. The ready-to-fry tasty Rice Papads are ready-to-fry and are available in 3 exciting flavours. Each pack contains a little packet of our ever-famous Jiravan to spice it up with a twist of chatpat. It’s crispy surprise for all! Be it lunchboxes, or a tiffin, be it young or old, be it a snack or an accompaniment to your lunches and dinners, Gapata Sapata is a healthy snack for you and your loved ones.

Just open it, fry it, sprinkle it with a pinch of Jiravan and enjoy the crunch.

Package 200gm.